UNIQLO Announces New Series of Splatoon Collaborative T-Shirts

UNIQLO Announces New Series of Splatoon Collaborative T-Shirts

Nintendo’s own ink-filled shooter Splatoon has become so much more than just another game on Wii U and Nintendo Switch. While the games themselves are incredibly popular and a lot of fun in their own right, it’s their utilization of street fashion and modern culture, mixed with some extremely solid character design choices, that allows Splatoon to be recognized as the fashion symbol it’s seen as today.

It allowed the game to receive huge social recognition and make inroads into the public consciousness, two extremely important factors in avoiding being bogged down by its origins on the Wii U. Suddenly, the characters were inescapable, and the iconography was everywhere. As you may expect from a game that became a fashion symbol in and of itself, it only makes sense that you can buy Splatoon-related clothing. Japanese clothing brand The King of Games sold their own shirts replicating the in-game designs in the past, while Uniqlo is now creating a new series of Splatoon UT T-shirts.

Unlike the aforementioned The King of Games clothing which simply replicates designs found in-game, these are brand new designs based on the franchise. These designs are strangely not available in female sizings, only being available for men and kids, although the designs on offer are rather universal and eye-catching. These designs use Inkling and Octoling iconography, Splatoon weapons, ink splotches and more to create a range of unique t-shirts that are rather fetching casual clothes to wear.

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You won’t be able to buy these shirts yet, though. These shirts are available to view on Uniqlo’s website, but they won’t be made available for purchase until April 22, with kids shirts costing 790 yen and adult shirts costing 990 yen. It should also be noted that these are currently only listed on the Japanese Uniqlo website and not its international equivalents, yet considering that previous Nintendo-related clothing lines have been sold elsewhere, it would seem likely that these would follow suit.

For those interested in checking out the full Splatoon collection, be sure to check out Uniqlo’s official website.

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