Uniqlo Announces Line Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario

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Uniqlo is no stranger to collaborations with other brands, they’ve even worked with Nintendo in the past on a number of lines. But this line is something special. Uniqlo has announced that they are going to be creating a line celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario series. The series won’t be launching until May, but they have made all of the designs available to view online in advance. Uniqlo has stated the following regarding the new line-up:

“Since its creation in 1985, Super Mario has been loved by people all around the world and beyond the boundaries of the game.” says the fashion brand, “Our UT collection celebrates Super Mario Bros’ 35th anniversary and features graphic prints of everyone’s favorite hero.”

The upcoming collaboration series contains a total of fourteen different designs, eight adult shirts, and six kids’ shirts. Each of the designs has different designs from the Mario series across the years. All the way down to Yoshi walking on top of a Super Famicom controller. With previous collaboration lines, many of the kid’s shirts had way cooler designs than the adult shirts which I’m sure made a lot of us fans upset with the fact that we couldn’t get the cooler designs, but fear not as in my opinion, the adult shirts this time stand out a huge amount from the children’s designs. Maybe they’re trying to reach out to those of use who have been around since the early days of the franchise?

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Uniqlo has yet to start orders on the Super Mario Anniversary shirts and they have stated that they will be available at their retail stores worldwide. No specific date has been announced yet, however. The shirts will also be available on their online store in each region, so if you don’t have a Uniqlo near you or can’t make it to the closest location you’ll still have a chance to snag some of these excellent new designs.

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