Uniqlo Turn Pixel Art into Clothing with New ‘The Game Classic Pixels’ UT Collection

Uniqlo Turn Pixel Art into Clothing with New 'The Game Classic Pixels' UT Collection

Uniqlo’s UT clothing collections, known for taking a huge array of classic and modern media properties and turning them into clothing that’s as fashionable as it is reasonably priced, are always a hit with the OTAQUEST staff. Just in the last few months, Uniqlo has created clothing based on Weathering With You and other Makoto Shinkai films, One Piece and more, collections that have each been quick to sell out. In their latest UT collection, The Game Classic Pixels, Uniqlo have decided to take a step back and look towards the early days of the gaming industry, as the iconic pixel art of many of the industry’s most iconic games of the 80s and 90s are being adapted (you could even say retrofitted) into some really neat pieces of clothing for men and kids.

This newest collection is a celebration of retro gaming itself, as shirts based on Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo and more have been created using pixel art from each of these series. Some of these shirts are very blatant about the properties being utilized, as seen with the ‘I Am Hungry’ Pac-Man shirt having both the ghost from the series and the cherry points bonus used as part of the design. You could say the same about the Contra shirt as well, for that matter, with the Contra Logo taking pride and place in the center of the shirt here. While certainly not bad designs, I’m personally someone who would prefer something less overt and more subtle and stylish, making neither of these a design I would likely pick out (were they available in women’s sizing anyhow, as unfortunately the entire lineup is limited to to the men’s and kid’s sections).

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On the other hand, the Tetris shirt, which turns a shirt pocket into a Tetris board, or the Puyo Puyo shirt, which turns the shirt into a multi-colored Puyo Puyo board, much better designs, especially the latter of these two.

This ‘Game Classic Pixels’ Uniqlo UT collection won’t go on sale just yet, as the shirts are set to go on sale on September 23rd, but will likely sell out quickly based on other Uniqlo UT collections and the popularity of some of the properties being used as part of this range. If you’re wanting one, make sure to check their official website when the items go on sale, where you can also view the entire range of shirts on offer.

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