UNIQLO UT x EVANGELION Collaboration Line Announced


With the release of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 coming up soon (barring a delay related to the pandemic) the promotional and collaboration blitz has been hitting really hard in Japan. We’ve seen recent announcements of team-ups with Honda, LOTTE’s Bikkuriman snacks, and even a brand of furikake. That trend continues with a new announcement from UNIQLO, a company that is insanely prolific when it comes to collaborations, that they’re teaming up with the iconic anime for a new line of graphic tees in time for the release of the movie.

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The new line features 8 designs with a mix of existing and new artwork, along with production art for the upcoming film being utilized within the collection. Although 8 shirts doesn’t seem like a lot, they make incredibly good use of the imagery to deliver something that will please fans of all kinds. I’m personally a huge sucker for anything featuring Unit 01 or Sachiel, so it’s pretty obvious which of the designs I’m going to be going after. Check out all 8 of the designs below.

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Much like other collections in the UT brand over the past few years, this one does appear to be hitting their stores in the west as well. While they haven’t given a hard date of release, they have stated that the line will be hitting sometime in May. Each of the shirts will set you back around $15 USD, which is absolutely reasonable for something officially licensed like this. Upon release, you’ll be able to find them at Uniqlo locations worldwide, as well as their online store.

UNIQLO / Khara
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