Charanics Announces USB Heated Kirby Plush

USB Kirby Plush

Bandai Namco group company Charanics has been around for quite some time and specializes in making lifestyle products that you can use to enhance your everyday life. From laundry items, irons, flat iron grills, and other character-themed items, there is definitely something that you can find in their lineup to improve your everyday life. Today they announced they will launch a USB-powered heated Kirby plush that is not only adorable but will keep you warm during this absurdly cold winter.

USB Kirby 1

The design is something that you’d expect from this product: Kirby in his default pose, looking as adorable as ever. On the back of the plush, there is a USB cable that will connect to any USB-A port and will provide power to the plush and its heater. The plush will reach temperatures of 42 to 46 degrees celsius (107.6f to 114.8f) and can be powered by any USB source, including portable batteries. Even better, the plush has an auto-off functionality if used for too long (1 hour) or if you forget to unplug it or turn it off. It will certainly can come in handy this winter, especially if you live in an area with brutal cold.

USB Kirby Plush

The USB heated Kirby plush is available exclusively through Premium Bandai for ¥5,480 (approx $50 USD) and pre-orders are currently open for prospective buyers. The plush is slated to ship at the beginning of March 2021. So even if you don’t use it much this year, based on current trends, next winter is going to be even colder than this one (thanks to global warming). A USB-powered Kirby plush that can warm you up will certainly come in handy. If you’re looking to get your freezing hands on this, the USB Kirby plush is available to pre-order until 16 February 2021.

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