VERDY x UNIQLO “Rise Again” with Launch Party in NYC

VERDY x UNIQLO “Rise Again” with Launch Party in NYC

VERDY’s having a very big 2019. In recent times the designer has built up a substantial worldwide following, and even got to contribute to the Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami Exhibition earlier this year. That’s some serious bragging rights, although it’s not like VERDY needed the Eilish x Murakami bump to get that. They’ve already released one exclusive collection through UNIQLO, and on September 20, they’ll release their second, titled the ‘RISE AGAIN’ collection. With a mixture of text-based designs and illustration adorned pieces, there’s something in this drop for everybody. To celebrate VERDY and UNIQLO are having a launch people at the 5th Avenue location in New York City on September 13.


There will be drinks available, there will be some live music, and most of all you’ll be able to pick up pieces of the VERDY ‘Rise Again’ collection a week early at the launch party. Zack Bia, one of the live performers, is known to hang around the likes of Drake and Diplo and while his most famous friends might not show to this event,  that’s a little bit of second-degree clout you can claim if you come out this release party.

I think it’s pretty interesting UNIQLO and VERDY are opting for a U.S. based release party opposed to one in Japan, but it really shows just how far Japanese designers and Japanese fashion have come internationally. While most of our UNIQLO posts revolve around their anime and game-inspired UT lines, the fashion giants also very popular within numerous circles and this VERDY collection will be one of their lines that have more of a neutral international appeal rather than a niche nerd one.

Check out the VERDY x UNIQLO ‘Rise Again’ launch party at UNIQLO’s 5th Ave location in NYC on September 13.

Verdy / Uniqlo
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