VIGORMAN Plays With Ethereal Sounds on ‘SOLIPSISM’

Vigorman Plays With Ethereal Sounds on 'SOLIPSISM'

VIGORMAN. I just love the name VIGORMAN. It hits such a perfect level of digital pastiche that I’m inclined to like anything the man does because of his name alone. On a serious note, VIGORMAN stands out due to his own artistic prowess, although you could argue that the name choice is part of that same artful imagination he brings to his work. The Japanese rapper is about to release his second album, ‘SOLIPSISM’, on one of the labels we always watch out for; the one and only Toy’s Factory whose worked with the likes of TORIENA, Dempagumi.inc, and most recently former Bandai Namco studio musician extraordinaire turned solo artist Taku Inoue. VIGORMAN is among good company with his latest release, and in anticipation, he’s dropped the title track.

While on first listen this might come off as a perfectly nice laid back summer track, I’d recommend giving it a headphone listen because there’s lots of small sonic detail worth appreciating. I’m loving the VHS quality to that introductory synth pad that quickly opens up into ‘SOLIPSISM’s funky groove. Everything is spaced out and the track’s drowning in reverb. It’s easy listening but you’ll also find yourself lost in what VIGORMAN’s putting out there.

The rapper’s soft half singing half rapping delivery works really well on this type of production. I wouldn’t quite call this VIGORMAN joint a dip into RNB but it’s soulful and is definitely taking from that retro-funk influence a lot of Japanese pop music has seemingly been enticed by in recent memory. ‘SOLIPSISM’ takes funk though, gives it a reverb bath, and dresses it up with some playful bars. I don’t think VIGORMAN’s delivery alone on this track alone would work as well without this spaced-out production, but he applied his talents correctly on this one. Looking forward to the album.

‘SOLIPSISM’, the album, by VIGORMAN is coming out on Toy’s Factory next month.

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