Village Vanguard Online Releases Doraemon Bread Goodness

Doraemon Toast

Village Vanguard is one of those stores that you have to experience at least once in your life. They’re chaotic, yet amazing, with their vast offering of products pertaining to pretty much anything you could even imagine, including the ‘As Seen on TV’ goods that you see in the United States all the time. Today, the online division of Village Vanguard announced that they will be releasing a new series of Doraemon goods under the name ‘I’m Doraemon’. The first set of goods is designed with loaves of bread in mind.

Doraemon Bread Cushion

Village Vanguard Online will be bringing three new Doraemon-themed goods to their online shop with pre-orders kicking off today. The first of the items is a super squishy Ankipan (Memory Bread) themed Doraemon cushion that features Doraemon front and center with the phrase ‘I’m Doraemon – Doraemon is always in your heart’ printed next to the characters head and on the back, there is some simple math, albeit backward. The cushion is going for ¥1,650.

Next up we have a couple of towels that are themed after the Ankipan and the Dorayaki. Each of the designs features their respective bread and has Doraemon and his bell patterned across the design. Each of the towels will set you back ¥1,100.

Village Vanguard Online does not ship internationally so if you’re a big Doraemon fan, you’re going to want to reach out to that friend that happens to live in Japan or find a proxy that is able to order from the website for you.

Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan, Village Vanguard
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