TOHO Announces New Content for Virtual Reality Devilman Exhibition

VR Devilman TOP

Earlier in the month, my peer Alicia Haddick shared the news about an upcoming VR exhibition for the Devilman series. Now that it has kicked off, TOHO has shared some more information about additional events happening during the exhibition, and announced a series of goods that will be available to purchase.

Virtual Space for Devilman Exhibition

As we shared previously, the VR Devilman Exhibition will be held on the virtual exhibition platform VU (VU standing for Virtual Utopia) for both PC and VR. The exhibition will feature content from the manga and TV anime version of Devilman as well as content from the Netflix version of Devilman Crybaby. With the exhibition being held in virtual space, there is no need to travel to go to a venue, stand in line, or have to worry about time zones. Simply strap your VR headset on and load up the exhibition. We really are in the future, aren’t we?

Today’s press release announced that the event will also feature special talk sessions by a number of prolific Japanese celebrities and talents. There currently are two special talk sessions schedule with one focusing on ‘What was Devilman in 1972’ as well as ‘Why Devilman Now in 2021’. The 1971 talk session will feature Morley Robertson, Mitsuo Fukuda, and Ichiro Okouchi as guest speakers. Where the 2021 talk session will feature Go Nagai, Saya Ichikawa, and Tomokazu Seki.

Devilman Exhibition Talk Sessions

On top of holding the exhibition and talk sessions, they have also opened up a goods shop for residents of Japan where you can purchase a variety of Devilman themed goods such as a camping set, wine, caps, shirts, and even an $8,000 solid gold money clip.

The VR Devilman exhibition will be held from today, 28 April 2021 until 31 May 2021. You can register and log in to the exhibition from the official homepage. Admission to the exhibition will cost ¥2,200, but if money is tight, don’t worry because there is also free content to check out.

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