Virtual YouTubers Play The Primary Role in Upcoming Television Drama “Watanuki-San Chi no”

Virtual YouTubers Play The Role of New Virtual YouTubers in Upcoming Television Drama

Earlier today, TV Tokyo announced that they’ll be airing a brand new anime television series titled Watanuki-San Chi no (Watanuki House) from April 19. Set to premiere on TV Tokyos late-night Drama 25-time slot, the show will be the first drama series to involve solely Virtual YouTubers as the stars.

The series follows the stories of the three Watanuki sisters who live together in a house in the Shitamachi area in Tokyo. During their early childhood the sisters’ mother passed away, and then later they would lose their father a year prior to the story taking place. With this backstory, we see all three left alone together in Watanuki House.

While it might seem quite odd, Watanuki-San Chi no actually casts three well-known Virtual YouTubers for the roles in the show, with Tokino Sora and Hibiki Ao, as well as newcomer Sarugakucho Futaba, acting it out as different characters. The series focuses on all three of their wholesome and occasionally heartwarming daily activities. Tokino Sora plays the hardworking eldest sister named Ichika, a serious-natured 25-year-old college graduate who works as a voice actor part-time. Her motto is “Work over romance!”.

Sarugakucho Futaba acts as the shogi-playing, 23-year-old middle sister named Watanuki Futaba, who works at an apparel shop and takes pride in her communication skills.

Finally, the youngest sister, 20-year-old Watanuki Mitsuki, is played by Hibiki Ao. Her character is a college student studying science and engineering, and has an affinity for technology and wants to start a Virtual YouTuber company. Even though she’s the youngest sister, she is said to be the most responsible of the three. Despite being the nerdy type, she loves Japanese rap.

In a world where there are characters being played by characters who are played by real people, there’s sure to be an interesting level of voice acting to take place. Set to begin airing on April 19, those interested in checking out further information can head over to Watanuki-San Chi no’s official website.

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