Virtual Youtuber made simpler with real time audio converter Voidol

Virtual Youtuber made simpler with real time audio converter Voidol

As the world of Virtual Youtubers begin to grow, so does the demand for accessible VTuber related software. The most recent developments on this front come through the release of a fairly accessible IOS/Mac app “Voidol” by CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY. There is also a Windows release slated for sometime between May and June. The following video is Voidol when used in conjunction with motion tracking software.

At the moment, the program comes with two preloaded voice assets in the form of “Otomiya Iroha” (a Japanese girl) and “GRIMMZOH” (a cute little monster). It also allows for an array of other voice tweaking settings. The app is built on the prexisting “R.C voice” software.

It really begs to question is how a streamlined VTuber voice modifier compares to more typical voice and audio modification programs go. For a fairly low launch price of 960JPY (approx. 8.60USD) before it settles at 2000JPY (approx 18USD), it seems like there’s little risk for a causal user to pick it up and have a bit of fun. For someone who considers themselves more professional in what they do, I would imagine the more traditional and heavy duty audio programs would continue to do a better job.

One glaring downside to the app is the 50MS delay in the output of the adjusted audio. For the purpose of real time audio processing, this can be quite jarring to the user and greatly inhibit their speech. While  can shrug it off as “you will get used to it after a while”, it really is an issue that needs to be better accounted for by an app like this. In that sense, any use of Voidal in a real life scenario could be suboptimal. This delay shouldn’t really affect anyone who wants it for streaming their own VTuber or just communicating in an online environment. The echoing effect can be heard in the following demonstration by a CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY official.

Japanese website DTM STATION proposes that real time voice modification could see applications in marketing for booths at conventions like Comiket. Being able to do this on the fly with a mobile device definitely sounds like it has it’s advantages, though doing the voice modification in public could have the chance to disillusion a number of your fans (given that your VTuber persona likely doesn’t resemble you at all). That being said, in the current climate I think a lot of fans are aware of the reality that at least some of their beloved anime VTubers are just regular otaku, so the implications of voice modification in public are probably very little.

For English speaking fans, it does appear that the app has English language support. However, we cannot comment on how well the voice modification transfers over to spoken English over Japanese. You can check out the official website here.



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