WACCA S Experience Coming to JAEPO 2020!

Publisher MARVELOUS and the team behind hardcore techno label ‘HARDCORE TANO*C’ announced WACCA S plans for JAEPO 2020 which kicks off on February 7 until February 8th.

The WACCA S stage event begins promptly at 18:00 on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Players who play one game at JAEPO will be granted the exclusive show badge of the adorable dragon mascot below! Along with the in game icon, players will also be given a set of WACCA IC card stickers.

Play a VS. match against a member of HARDCORE TANO*C or MARVELOUS Development Producer Tatsuya Yokoyama once during the whole show and regardless if you win or lose, you’ll have earned yourself a WACCA logo tote bag! Challengers will be selected randomly by ticket number.

Players that stay until the end of the HARDCORE TANO*C live show on Saturday February 8 will have a chance to earn a physical pin (badge) from one of the various icons from the game in exchange for your viewing ticket.

The live broadcast can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/EuGBpFecYyQ

We’ll be live on the show floor and will be reporting everything new the WACCA team plans on announcing!

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