MARVELOUS and HARDCORE TANO*C Release WACCA S Update Internationally In Arcades

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Six short months after its initial release, the collaboration game between MARVELOUS and HARDCORE TANO*C, WACCA, has received its first major update in the form of “WACCA S”. The update has brought numerous changes to the game as well as some quality of life features that have been needed since the game’s initial release last summer. Let’s take a look at some of the changes which have been implemented in WACCA S;

  • 16 new songs have been added to the game
    1. Mazy Metroplex – Aran
    2. †DOOF†SENC† – Kobaryo
    3. Dorama Tsurugi – Eve
    4. Ghost Rule – DECO*27
    5. Akugi Sensation – Shinrabanshou
    6. Odoloop – Frederick
    7. Iiaru Funk Love – Mikito P
    8. Mami Mami Zone – REDALiCE feat Ayumi Nomiya
    9. Shiny Memory feat. Yukacco – USAO & DJ Genki
    10. Night of Nights (Camellia’s Once Upon a Night Remix) – Camellia
    11. Rin Mawari – Asuka (Hitomi Harada) & Homura(Eri Kitamura)
    12. Only my railgun – fripSide
    13. Murasaki – Srav3R
    14. Demon’s Rave – Hommarju
    15. Lost one no Goukoku – Neru
    16. LOSE CONTROL – Massive New Krew


  • Gate system has been implemented allowing users to earn “Gate Points” to unlock content as they play the game. After each track, the Gate is displayed where users will fill up a gauge leading up to a content unlock.


  • The “Stage Up” mode – Similar to the dan mode on beatmania IIDX, players will be tasked to clear a pre-determined set of songs with gradual difficulty. The player will get a set amount of “life” which if depleted to zero, the game will end.


  • Shop – Users can exchange WP (Wacca Points) which are earned at the end of each game for in-game items such as the Boost Badge and Boost Badge S which allows players to earn up to 3.1 times the amount of WP per play.


We had some time to play WACCA S on its release day and we are happy with the changes which have been implemented. It makes the game feel more rewarding with the gate system as it feels like you’re constantly working towards unlocking something within the game. Furthermore, it feels like the touch panel is more sensitive as we were getting fewer misses during gameplay. This is something that I for one is really happy with because if you read my initial impression article about WACCA, this was one of my key gripes.

Update 12/27/2020: Wacca machines in the US received the update to the title over the weekend this past weekend, marking one of the few times the US machines have received new content since hitting Round One locations this past summer. Hopefully, this means for regular updates to the title in the states going forward as well, we definitely think the game has a chance to build a significant global community as long as all players can be on the same page. Marvelous & the HARDCORE TANO*C crew will also be hosting some special content & stage shows this upcoming weekend at the annual JAEPO trade show and we’ll be on-site with the full report so be sure to check back!

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