MARVELOUS’ Incredible New Rhythm Game ‘WACCA’ Has Begun Appearing in US Arcades

WACCA Cabinets Have Begun Appearing in the United States

With the launch of MARVELOUS and HARDCORE TANO*C’s latest collaborative rhythm game effort WACCA officially gracing arcades across Japan, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the title. From our team’s own write-up it should be pretty obvious that the hype is justified too, the game is genuinely a whole lot of fun and the tracklist is incredible. But with the resurgence of arcades in North America well underway, and locations such as Round1 USA paving the way for rhythm game accessibility in the West, international onlookers have been left wondering just when they’ll get their hands on WACCA. Well, as it turns out, not much longer at all.

It was about five months ago that I first reported that, alongside Konami’s latest golden Dance Dance Revolution cabinets, WACCA would be coming to North America. Now it’s seeming like the time as come as images have begun surfacing online of the cabinets being installed into Round1 locations in California. From the footage shared below, it’d appear that the first publically shared sighting is at Puente Hills Mall in Industry, California — hopefully just one of many locations to be graced with the title.

Utilizing a full-360 degree touchpad around a center screen, players will find themselves tapping and sliding on numerous notes to climb up the gradings in WACCA. With the immersive gameplay experience coupled with the booming sounds of HARDCORE TANO*C, this really is seeming like the rhythm game to keep your eyes on.

Available now at arcades across Japan, and hopefully in due time across North America, those with access to a cabinet should definitely not pass up on the opportunity to play MARVELOUS and HARDCORE TANO*C’s all-new WACCA. For those interested in further information, be sure to head over to the title’s official website.

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