Wakako From Wakakozake Has Her Own Sake

Wakako From Wakakozake Has Her Own Sake

2015’s Wakakozake was an absolute treat and I implore any and everyone to go out and watch it right away. It is probably the best 3-minute episode anime of them all. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I can report to you some news that Wakakozake’s Wakako would be very happy to hear. In collaboration with the Higa Shuzo distillery, most famous for their awamori, special Wakakozake bottles of sake will be released in limited quantities. They’ll only be available at special evens put on in various locations. You can keep up with its release here.

Wakakozake Sake Bottle

There’s a reason this Wakakozake sake collaboration makes a ton of sense. For starts, you have sake right in the name. Wakakozake literally just means Wakako’s Sake; in some conjoined words and certain phrases ‘sake’ is read as ‘zake’. If you’ve never seen the show, each episode features Wakako going to an izakaya, eating delicious food, and slurping down a refreshing, alcoholic beverage. After, she makes her signature ‘pssshhhuuuu’ sound. That’s it! That’s the whole thing and I promise you that it’s wonderful. It’s based off a manga written by Chie Shinkyu that’s been in publication since 2011. If 12 3 minute episodes aren’t enough for you, there’s also a live-action drama with 4 seasons. Both shows are on Crunchyroll.

Sake is very much a love it or hate it alcoholic beverage. Made from rice, Its roots run deep as one of the most beloved parts of Japanese culture. Like craft beer or whiskey, there are people that take the production and consumption of sake very seriously. Some of it even plays into tradtional spiritual ritual in Japan. To be fair, a lot of also gets drunk by salarymen on their way home from their 12 hour work days. Whether you come across an impressive looking DaiGinjo Sake or only will settle for drinking a notorious One Cup Sake, know the beverage has an impressive history.

You can watch Wakakozake on Crunchyroll now. You’ll have to keep up here for when and where you can get this special sake bottle.

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