Wanderer to Release Yuru Camp Shima Rin Birthday Figure

Figure of Shima Rin from Yuru Camp

Japanese figure manufacturer Wanderer announced the Shima Rin Birthday Ver., an absolutely stunning figure of Shima Rin from feel-good anime Yuru Camp.

Yuru Camp is one of the OTAQUEST staff favorite anime of the past year. It has helped members of the staff such as Carley Garcia work their way through the COVID-19 quarantine.

Shima Rin Figure

The figure is sculpted to perfection with every last detail accentuated. From the frills in her dress to the ribbons hanging off the basket, there is nothing that Wanderer didn’t pay close attention to detail on. The Shima Rin Birthday Ver. figure isn’t a small figure: it comes in at just under 9.5 inches tall, or 240 mm.

Shima Rin Figure 2

Pre-orders for the figure are currently scheduled to start on 15 April 2021, and the figure is scheduled to start shipping in September. If you’re a fan of Yuru Camp, this is certainly a figure that you’re going to want to have in your collection. Not to mention it’s going for a really fair price, considering the attention to detail: the figure will cost you ¥19,800 (Approx. $185 USD).

As with all items like this, if you’re interested in picking this up, you’re going to need to reach out to that friend in Japan or find a proxy service to make the purchase for you.

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