Wattam By Katamari Damacy Creator Out This December

Wattam By Katamari Damacy Creator Out This December

Wattam is one of those games that was announced eons and ago that, for a long time, you couldn’t be sure would ever finally materialize. However, like Final Fantasy VII Remakeall signs point to this game finally coming out. Helped by Keita Takahashi who’s most known for the cult classic roll em up series Katamari Damacy, Wattam’s a Playstation exclusive about making friends with any and everything. One look at the trailer below and you’ll absolutely see how a game like this came out of a similar happy surrealist lens as Katamari Damacy first did all those years ago.

You might wonder why a smaller scale game like this might have taken so long to come out, after first being announced all the way back in 2014. However, even independent games can hit road blocks and delays just like any other. Look at Yooka Laylee or Shenmue 3 for instance. That said, with how dreary certain aspects of 2019 are, an absolutely charming and delightful experience like Wattam may be all the more necessary now than it was when first announced five years ago.

This really does harken back to the Playstation 2 era when more unconventional games were getting bigger budgets and wider audiences were willing to give them a chance. Katamari Damacy is a name we’re all familiar with; A game emblematic of Japan’s sillier creative side, much more Mario than Final Fantasy. You can still find these kinds of atypical games in the indie scene now, like with this week’s release of Untitled Goose Game, but it’s hard to imagine a future they make as much buzz as the next Halo. At least Wattam is finally coming out and those who are interested in playing a game who you are The Mayor and are in charge of uniting all sorts of creations, you can.

Wattam is set to come out for the PS4 this December.

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