‘Weathering With You’ Café Recreates the Movie’s Unique Cuisine

'Weathering With You' Café Recreates the Movie's Unique Cuisine

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to get Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko) out of my thoughts ever since it came out in Japan this July. And no, that’s not because I like it or anything. Rather, I’ve been haunted by the fact that one of the characters in the film makes chahan fried rice with potato chips.

Makoto Shinkai has always somehow managed to make Japanese food look even better than it actually is during his career, but Weathering With You truly took it to another level with it’s intriguing, inventive cuisine. That cuisine is also set to go nationwide as part of the Weathering With You café, announced earlier this week.

Weathering With You café

Both Tokyo and Osaka are playing host to the Weathering With You café in different venues, meaning that not just those in Tokyo will be able to sample the café’s menu, which includes both dishes taken directly from the film and dishes simply inspired by it.

Obviously, in terms of dishes taken from the film, that notorious potato chip chahan is available as part of a set that replicates the food that Hina cooks for Morishima during that scene. The breakfast that Morishima cooks for Hina in return is also available as part of the menu, along with Morishima’s handwritten note.

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Far from just aping the movie, however, the Weathering With You café also has a fair number of more original items themed after the film. In terms of food, there’s an omelette rice dish that comes in the shape of a paper ‘teruteru’ doll, an acai breakfast bowl that looks like one of the movie’s posters, and a tiramisu dessert that comes in the shape of a cloud.

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There’s also a fair number of themed drinks on offer, including the ‘sky fish soda’ and ‘whirlpool latte,’ along with new, café-exclusive limited edition goods.

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But what has me most excited about the café going nationwide is the fact that I’ll finally get the chance to sample that potato chip chahan that has had me intensely intrigued ever since I heard about it. Is it really as crazy as it sounds? Could it work? Is it really as delicious as Morishima makes it out to be in the film? Sure, I could just follow the official recipe and find out, but I’d prefer someone else to take the risk of putting it together.

The Weathering With You café opens in Tokyo on October 8 and in Osaka on October 10. For more information, including the location of the venues and the full menu, please check out the official website.

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