WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA Shares Latest Music Video for “A Cat Called Yellow”

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA Shares Latest Music Video for

If you spent any amount of time with WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s somber 2018 album “Galapagos”, you should be distinctly familiar with “A Cat Called Yellow”. The closing song to the eight-track album, “A Cat Called Yellow” was a perfect sendoff after the soaring highs of “The Bamboo Princess” and the upbeat sounds of “Melos”. But while “Galapagos” is nearing the year-old mark, it appears WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA still has a little more planned for the album. Uploaded to the group’s official YouTube channel overnight, “A Cat Called Yellow” could very well prove the perfect sendoff once more, this time opening the doors for something new from WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA.

One of the more simple shots within WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s music video library, “A Cat Called Yellow” is definitely a welcome one. I recently picked up “Galapagos” on vinyl for another listen having had mixed feelings upon release. It’s definitely a very different sound from WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I guess I went into it expecting another “SUPERMAN”, something so full of energy that you can’t help but lose yourself to it. With that being said, looking back, I’m kind of glad that WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA truly went with something new here. It’s a very, very different sound but ultimately practices all that same values that drew me to the group in the first place. I think individually too, there’s definitely a whole lot of beauty to be found in the album’s songs.

Available now via all major streaming services, as it has existed for the last several months, you can check out further information on WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s latest album “Galapagos” via the group’s official website.

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