Weekly BEnama News #165: pop’n music, DDR, KAC Schedule, EDP Artist Update, and more!

On this week’s episode of BEnama, 3 new faces joined PON and Tanaka-san to talk about pop’n music and other events:

First up, MarL, vocalist of of “哀彩” introduced the song as being composed by PON!

“T-HEY” is Taihei (https://twitter.com/wakachikorecord), a drummer and composer for band カラスは真っ白 / A Crow is White (https://twitter.com/acrowiswhite)

Together with TANEKO (https://twitter.com/alextaneko), they form “Abnormal Planet” (https://twitter.com/WakuseiAbnormal) and composed “ドッペルガンガー”

The duo:

A new NaviTravel map is coming to pop’n UsaNeko:

Two crossover songs from REFLEC BEAT will be added:

When the map is complete, a new Qrispy Joybox song (with Pastel-kun character!) will be unlocked!

One more song by [email protected] is also available to unlock in a separate map:

A new interview with the pop’n team is also up on the Official BEMANI Fansite, including some interesting rough sketches and concept art for the game…which was planned to be “Diner” themed?!


In KAC news, the stage schedule has been announced!

It covers 2 days, on 2/11 and 2/12:

In addition, next week’s BEnama will be a KAC special:

In DDR news, a Valentine’s-themed event will add 2 new songs to EXTRA SAVIOR:

In addition, these 2 older songs will have their official BeatStream BGAs added:

In SDVX news, a new Coconatsu track “Dual Memory” will be added along with a stamp and PkcBlc Bonus:

jubeat’s next dig dig Qubell QUBE is a collaboration between Gekidan Record and… someone!

Another set of Neko Hiroki Touhou Arrange Packs will be added to REFLEC BEAT plus and jubeat plus this Friday, 1/27:

A quick look December’s SUKI MUSIC Ranking:


Next up was some EDP news with a huge lineup update. First, wac and Hirayasu Matsudo will join the main stage:



An “Another Stage” has been announced!

The massive lineup includes…





The next day’s After Party also has a new time-slot added for non-SVIP-forefront ticket-holders:



And there you have it! Tune in next week for some juicy KAC details!

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