WEGO And KONAMI Release Retro Game Clothing Collection

WEGO And KONAMI Release Retro Game Clothing Collection

Popular Japanese fashion brand WEGO has released a line of collaborative fashion goods with entertainment and gaming conglomerate KONAMI. The merchandise, consisting of shirts made from five different KONAMI game titles, have been created in celebration of KONAMI’s 50th anniversary. The shirts are currently available in WEGO stores and on their official online shop.

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Following a recent collaboration with KONAMI for Dance Dance Revolution’s 20th anniversary, WEGO once again has teamed up with KONAMI to bring their spicy designs to the table for anyone who wants to flex their retro game knowledge. The five old-school games that they’ve chosen to cover have clearly been curated with someone with impeccable taste. The games include Gradius, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Ganbare Goemon 2, Super Bomberman, and Twinbee. Each of the game’s shirts come in different color schemes, so you can rep your favorite original retro KONAMI game in your own style.

My favorite design is the Twinbee shirt with the pink sleeves, however, I gotta admit that I haven’t actually played that game before. Apparently Twinbee was originally released as a coin-operated, cutesy shoot-em-up video game in Japan in 1985. Another favorite design of mine is the Super Bomberman shirt, since Bomberman 64, in particular, holds a lot of childhood nostalgia for me. Super Bomberman was released in 1993 for the SNES, as the first four-player game for the console. Super Bomberman’s main game format later went on to be how Bomberman 64 made some of their multiplayer mini-games.

I think it’s awesome that WEGO has become the outlet for so many different fashion and brand collaborations because the store is so accessible. While independent shops such as Nakano’s THUNDERBOX produce quality niche goods related to hobby culture, the price and availability can get kind of dicey for your more casual fanatic. So, I think it’s cool that WEGO is covering delivering something for everyone from their massive chain of stores and constant new designs.

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