WEGO and Sailor Moon Team Up To Bring Us An Assortment Of Shirts and Accessories

WEGO and Sailor Moon Team Up To Bring Us An Assortment Of Shirts and Accessories

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and ultra-popular Harajuku clothing brand WEGO have worked together to create a line of girly shirts and accessories. They’ve made the merchandise available for purchase both online and in their 140 locations in Japan. In this collaboration, 3 different types of embroidered shirts with multiple variations were designed, along with a dad hat and a clear side bag. The designs are fairly minimalist and would fit in nicely with a chic, sporty look. There are also box design shirts for each of the Sailor Scouts, so you can represent your favorite girl anywhere you go.

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For those who aren’t familiar with the Japanese brand WEGO, it’s comparable to America’s fast-fashion label Forever 21, except much more cutesy and consistent. They frequently collaborate with a bunch of popular anime and pop culture brands. While I’m a huge fan of WEGO, they tend to cater more to the fast-fashion mainstream. However, this means that most young girls gravitate towards the stylish looks that WEGO puts out, making for a fairly fashion conscious collective. With this being said, I think this upcoming Sailor Moon collaboration will take off very positively. The designs are toned down enough to be able to match just about any outfit. The simple embroidered designs allow for a subtle sneaking in of Usagi or Luna P. The clear side bag can add a Y2K touch to any outfit, whereas the dad hat can add a tomboyish flare if paired with a skirt.

If you want in on this magical fresh look, you can order the merchandise on their official website from anywhere within Japan. But you better hurry, it looks like the Sailor Scout box design shirts are selling out super fast, and naturally, Usagi was first to go. You can check out the full product lineup here.

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