WEGO Collaborates With The Ring For Creepy New Shirts

WEGO Collaborates With The Ring For Creepy New Shirts

The Ring. The first film to really bring Japanese horror to an international audience. Between the movies the make in Japan and the few adaptions Hollywood has made, the series has around a dozen films to its name now. Koji Suzuki, who’s more or less the Japanese Stephen King, penned the original Ring novel that kick-started the craze.

The franchise’s latest film Sadako, which is the name of the iconic long-haired ghost who crawls out of TVs, will open in Japan on May 24. In a co-promotion, the Japanese fashion chain WEGO will be selling exclusive Sadako shirts in stores. They even got the lead actress from the film Elaiza Ikeda to model one!

Elaiza Ikeda

There are three different shirts available at WEGO in this tie-up. All of the shirts feature the same design with a different color scheme. The fronts of the shirts feature the same distorted image that looks like stretched out text. On the back, the t-shirts each feature the same image of a girl in a white gown with long hair on top of repeated text that goes from the top to bottom of the shirt. The t-shirts will be available to in WEGO starting May 17 and will retail for 3,590 yen before tax. Out of the three color schemes I’d have to choose the black shirt and blue text combo. It’s the freshest.

Sadako Shirts

WEGO is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. While not as big a chain as a Uniqlo, WEGOs can be found all around Japan and are known for more hip clothing that’s popular with younger people. They’ll do collaborations from time to time but even when they aren’t you’ll never know what you’ll find when visiting one. You can get your basics there but if you want to touch up your wardrobe with something a little more out there WEGO can be a good bet.

These Sadako shirts go on sale for 3,590 yen on May 17 in stores and online.

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