W@nderFabric Announces Astro Boy Collaboration Monochrome Hats

W@nderFabric Astro Boy Collection

W@nderFabric is one of those brands that kind of just stays on your radar. We talked about them and their extremely high-quality six-panel baseball caps back in December of last year, and they have been on my mind ever since. In the last 9 months, they have pumped out a number of enthralling designs made from the highest quality materials that one could put on a baseball cap. They initially caught our eye with their hats made out of recycled Kimonos, but today, they’re on our radar with their collaboration with Tezuka Production’s Astro Boy and their monochrome hats.

Let’s be real here, being a company which, to be honest, is fairly young, and being able to do a collaboration hat with Tezuka Productions is no small feat. You can’t just throw money at a company and say “let me buy the ability to use that license!”, and have it go over. Sure, that works sometimes, but not with a brand with the legacy that Astro Boy has. But W@nderFabric has taken their premium quality hats and created a brand for themselves and has secured the rights to do the Astro Boy collaboration hats.

There are 2 hats available, one with Astro Boy’s iconic head placed front and center on the cap, and another design which has him flying on the front of the cap. Where there are two separate designs available, there are a total of three ways to purchase the hats. There is the first way which is a flat brim hat with W@nderFabric’s amazing ‘anti-virus’ case which protects your hat from all of the elements. The second way to purchase the hat is with a curved brim complete with the anti-virus case and lastly, is the curved brim cap by itself with no case.

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You can purchase the Astro Boy x W@nderFabric hat collection here, and even better, they ship internationally! So no need to have a proxy or a friend get these ones for you. Personally, I have been keeping an eye on W@nderFabric since we did the previous piece on them, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

W@nderFabric, Tezuka Productions
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