Wonda Brings Attack On Titan To Canned Coffee

Canned coffee is and has been a huge phenomenon in Japan for a long time! Available at every vending machine and convenience store, of which the country has a combined total of about 1 billion they’re a common way for your average working citizen to get that much need ‘can’ of Joe in the morning. Their prominence in daily life has also made these cans, not much bigger than your thumb, a perfect way to advertise! Evangelion has famously been teaming up with UCC since the dawn of time and last year Georgia Coffee did a giant Gundam collab for their 40th anniversary. This time Asahi’s Wonda steps into the fray with Attack On Titan designs.

Attack on Titan Wonda

Wonda is coming through with 16 different can variants spread across their regular and morning shot brews. They’ll likely set you back for a buck or less each meaning collecting the set shouldn’t be too hard, although you’ll need some luck if you go the vending machine route. The entire collection uses Hajime Isayama’s original manga art which has that scratchy horror feel the anime’s polished designs simply don’t. Small the cans are, so you’ll feel like the Colossal Titan when you’re drinking one of these bad boys.

Attack On Titan Coffee

With Attack On Titan in its end-game expected to finish up this or early next year, some promo to bring it back to the forefront of people’s minds is to be expected. The comic’s mutated into so many unexpected, interesting, and controversial directions that people who might have dropped the series after its initial hype finally passed don’t know the complex story they’ve come to miss. We don’t think Wonda Coffee is going to usher in the second era of Attack On Titan, but it’s a nice nod for fans who’ve stuck it out all this time.

Wonda Coffee

The Wonda x Attack On Titan coffee cans should start appearing around Japan on September 1.

Asahi / Kodansha / Hajime Isayama
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