WONK’s Latest ‘Moon Dance’ EP is the Perfect Entry Point for Tokyo’s Smoothest Band

WONK's Latest 'Moon Dance' EP is the Perfect Entry Point for Tokyo's Smoothest Band

If you’re not already familiar with the hyper-smooth stylings of WONK, that absolutely needs to change. The experimental fusion-soul band has been edging out from Tokyo’s underground scene to produce some seriously stellar hits over the last few years, bringing with them a fresh take on an international sound. While this year already saw WONK receive their fair share of coverage thanks to their excellent Orange Mug‘ single, the four-piece outfit is back for more with their latest ‘Moon Dance’ EP release. Whether you’re a die-hard fan since the band’s inception or someone looking for something new to groove out to, this one’s for you.

While I’m a little slow on the coverage of this one, with the EP somehow slipping under my radar until earlier this week, the Soul-meets-RnB stylings of ‘Moon Dance’ will be sure to see it on repeat for some time. I’m absolutely in love with what the band has done here; it’s a little slower than previous releases mayhaps, but from start to finish WONK’s ‘Moon Dance’ is something you could groove to all night long. The EP also includes the aforementioned ‘Orange Mug’, a very welcome addition to the EP’s lineup.

Available now via all major streaming services, WONK’s incredible new ‘Moon Dance’ EP is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to get into the band’s sounds. For those interested in checking out additional information about the release, as well as upcoming tour dates, be sure to check out WONK’s official website.

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