WONK Releases New Experimental Single “Orange Mug”

WONK Releases New Single Along With Live Show Announcement

Tokyo-based experimental soul band WONK unleashed a brand new single called “Orange Mug” into the world today as the latest release on their own label, EPISTROPH. The digitally-released single was accompanied by a one-man live show announcement scheduled for August 9 later this year. Shared via EPISTROPH’s official YouTube channel, peek the official audio for “Orange Mug” below:

WONK’s latest “Orange Mug” immediately hits with a dreamy bustle of warm synth chords layered over a cozy bassline. The drums, in contrast, follow a slightly hip-hop beat and feel very sharp and snappy, adding a bit of attitude to the mix. The bells in the chorus really strengthen the vibe being presented.

I thought the song would just sort of ride the same groove and fade out calmly at the end, but contrary to my expectation, this lush sax solo comes in and carries us to the end of the little nostalgia journey. The audiovisual for “Orange Mug” contributes to the theme of the song, with a tiny city blazing orange on top of a floating orb.

WONK Releases New Single Along With Live Show Announcement

“The lyrics of “Orange Mug” can probably be interpreted a variety of ways, but on the surface level, it’s a sort of bittersweet song about childhood nostalgia and specific but indispensable memories with the writer’s parents. According to Kento Nagatsuka (vocals), he said the song is, “In a nutshell, a letter addressed to my distant parents, spelling out the memories with the parents drawn around the orange mug, which is an item of memories,”.

The CD Jacket, audiovisual, and artist visual for “Orange Mug” were created by King Gnu and Tempalay, handled by the label EPISTROPH. WONK will be holding the aforementioned one-man live show at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM with pre-sale tickets available here.

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