World Trigger’s Second Anime Season Gets A New OP and ED


October was a pretty interesting time for World Trigger fans. After the announcement at this year’s Jump Festa, fans finally got word of the anime’s long-awaited second season and even got a nifty new trailer and visual to go along with the good news. Nearly two months have passed since, and now we’re getting even more: the OP and ED themes for World Trigger’s second season have just been announced.

The OP ‘Force’ was written by singer and guitarist Motoki Omori, whose band Mrs. GREEN APPLE did the Fire Force OP ‘Inferno.’ Instead of performing it herself, she handed the song to the ultra-popular K-Pop boy band TOMORROW X TOGETHER, who have been making their presence known in Japan since the release of the massively popular ‘Magic Hour’ single. 

With 6.3 million Twitter followers and 3.3 million Spotify followers, TOMORROW X TOGETHER are a group that need no introduction. The group that does need an introduction is the one doing the ED: ‘Future Eternity’ will be performed by the group KAMI WA SAIKORO WO FURANAI, aka GOD DOESN’T ROLL THE DICE. The rock outfit managed to receive 16 million hits on YouTube for their song ‘Yonaga Uta back in the summer of 2019, and just recently launched their major debut album Cultural Singularity.

The OP and ED for World Trigger’s second season are a juxtaposition of the pop and the rock, as well as the massively popular and the still up-and-coming. I’m betting that TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s OP will be another big hit for both the band and the anime scene. As for KAMI WA SAIKORO WO FURANAI? I’m not sure if their song will match the K-Pop band’s song’s popularity, but it could still find ways to become a hit in its own right. To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, it’s all a roll of the tumbling dice.

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