‘World Trigger’ Author Appears in Latest ‘My Hero Academia’ Volume

World Trigger VIZ header

Fans of Weekly Shonen Jump were surprised to open up volume 22 of My Hero Academia, released yesterday in Japan, to find a special comic inside by none other than World Trigger creator Ashihara Daisuke.

The comic features World Trigger characters reflecting on the hero characters of My Hero Academia as well as offering their thoughts on the heroes’ new costumes. It’s only a page long, but it’s a great treat for anyone interested in Shonen Jump as a whole, and especially to those World Trigger fans starved for content during the series’ long hiatus. You can get a small (very small) sneak preview via this tweet from the official My Hero Academia Twitter account below:

Regarding how the comic came to be, according to My Hero Academia creator Horikoshi Kouhei, Ashihara only recently got into contact with Horikoshi – he’s been out of the game for a long time, I suppose – and suddenly sent over the comic to Horikoshi quite out of the blue.

It’s possible that Ashihara was inspired by the recent developments in the series and decided to show his support, but I’d like to think that Ashihara is just as big of a fan of the series as we are. I like the image of him recovering from his various health problems while feverishly reading the pages of Jump to get to My Hero Academia, just like I have been doing recently.

You don’t often see this kind of interaction between mangaka in Jump, so this was a pleasant surprise for me and many other fans. Most mangaka’s schedules don’t allow for much more than drawing due to the weekly release schedule, after all. Given that World Trigger has now moved to the monthly magazine Jump SQ, perhaps this is why Ashihara was able to find the time to do such a fun thing. I’m glad that he has that kind of free time now, especially considering the amount of havoc that weekly serialization wreaked on his body. Take it easy, Ashihara-sensei.

Both My Hero Academia and World Trigger are available in English via VIZ Media. If you want to check out the special comic though, you’ll either have to wait for the next English tankobon release from VIZ (the translation is currently on volume 17) or read it in Japanese. To do the latter, I wholeheartedly recommend the Japanese Book Walker service.

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