World Trigger’s Sudden, One-Issue Hiatus Made Everyone Fear the Worst

Cover of World Trigger volume 22

This just in! Earlier this evening, the official World Trigger Twitter account announced that the series would be going on a short, one-issue hiatus from Jump SQ due to the author Daisuke Ashihara’s ‘sudden illness.’ Although it is scheduled to come back in this March’s issue no. 4, this immediately made everyone think of the dark days when World Trigger was on a seemingly never-ending hiatus.

As this article is being written, the phrase ‘Ashihara-sensei’ (葦原先生) is trending on Twitter. In response to the original tweet, the outpouring of love and support is incredible to see: everyone is wishing the author well. Former Juice=Juice member Karin Miyamoto even chimed in, saying, ‘Ashihara-sensei!! I love World Trigger!! Please rest well!! I’ve read the books so so many times, so I’ll be waiting while fully immersed in the world!! Please don’t work too hard!!’

Indeed, part of the reason why the reaction to this seemingly harmless one-issue hiatus has been so overwhelming is because there was a period of four years where World Trigger was not in serialization. That was due to the author’s spinal injury, but it’s unclear if that is the problem here again.

At the very least, we do know that it has nothing to do with the prevailing circumstances. The original tweet states very clearly that ‘The illness is not the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).’ It also states that Ashihara is ‘currently resting,’ which is good news.

If anything, this sudden World Trigger hiatus, however small, should serve to remind us how lucky we are to even have the series running. I’ve had my complaints in the past as to how slowly the overall narrative is developing, but to even have a narrative at all is a blessing. Maybe we should all try to appreciate Ashihara and his work a little more, especially during this next month, where we won’t have a chapter to dissect.

Rest up well, Ashihara-sensei. World Trigger will return from hiatus in the fourth 2021 issue of Jump SQ, on sale March 4.

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