X-girl & MTV Explore Japan’s Rich Artistic History in Latest Summer Collection

X-Girl and MTV Utilize Traditional Japanese Art In This New Collection

This week, LA-born streetwear brand X-girl debuted their 2019 Summer collection. The collection will be available at both X-girl and X-large stores worldwide from Friday, May 31. X-girl merchandise generally takes the form of collaborations with other well-known brands, and this time around they have come together with MTV for a nostalgic line of Summer wear.

Check out the promotional video they made for the collection:

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These soon to be released designs come with a pleasant twist. X-girl has utilized an art style called “Ukiyo-e”, a type of traditional Japanese art that originated around the 17th century and maintains a level of modern relevancy today. “Ukiyo-e” means “Pictures of the floating world”, and the art depicts images of an almost otherwordly, hedonistic lifestyle that belongs in your dreams. It’s probably one of the most recognizable Japanese art styles, although prior to discovering this new X-girl release, I had no clue what it was called.

For this collaboration, X-girl chose this “Ukiyo-e” motif in order to portray “Japonism”, an aesthetic cult from 19th century France that heavily impacted Impressionist painting. The trend started shortly after Japan opened trade with the Western world and the cultural exchange began. For this collection, X-girl has designed a T-shirt, a bowling shirt, a tank top, and socks. The bowling shirt is my favorite, depicting the elegance and dignity of a woman, squeezed into a cutout of the MTV logo. On the tank top, “MTV” and X-girl” are written in kana characters around the main design in a tradition looking font.

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I really like this collection, it provides some intimidating, traditional looks for the hot summer that’s just around the corner. Given X-girl’s massive street-status within Japan, perhaps even topping its Los Angeles origins, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a number of these pieces dominate the Uehara area in no time.

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