XLARGE Shares New Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Collaboration

Los Angeles-born streetwear brand XLARGE announced earlier this week that they’re collaborating with massively-popular anime series film trilogy Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution to craft their new collection. Possibly one of the biggest streetwear companies in Japan and other pockets of Asia, the XLARGE collaboration is bringing some genuinely sleek designs to the table — fitting, giving this is Eureka Seven we’re talking about. Spread out across five pieces with a dual colorway system, take a peek at the XLARGE x Eureka Seven collaborative collection in the image gallery below:

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Set to release both in-store and online on May 18, just over a week from the time of writing, the collection further embeds Eureka Seven into the street and underground cultural scene. Originally released in 2005 to global praise, the series was founded on the ideologies of the underground culture it finds itself embedded into. Prices for the XLARGE collaboration range from 5,500 yen to 6,500 yen for the tops, and 12,000 yen for the waistbag.

This isn’t the first time the recent Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution film has inspired a collaboration with a fashion brand here in Japan; just last month we reported on JADE’s collaborative sneakers, and before that the Ukiyo-e inspired collection from UNGREEPER. Those interested in checking out the full collection can find further details via XLARGE’s official website.

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