yahyel Release Latest Single ‘TAO’ & Accompanying Music Video

FIve-piece Japanese indie band yahyel have been getting some serious coverage as of late, and not with good reason. With a consistent track record of incredible releases, their latest “TAO” and its accompanying music video are by no means an exception. Originally shared via Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify, the latest single from the group wasted no time in producing an extremely on-brand music video; not that this comes as much of a surprise, especially with how consistent director Kento Yamada’s works remain.

Characterized by their washed out color palettes and never-still camera techniques, yahyel’s music videos have proven themselves time and time again. With “TAO“, yahyel tells a coherent story from start to finish, with the music video’s final minute especially standing out to me, with incredible sweeping shots of the band jamming to their fullest. Released earlier this week on all major platforms, it’ll be exciting to see where the rest of 2018 takes yahyel and their signature stylings.

Available for streaming now, further information on yahyel’s latest release, as well as upcoming live shows can be found via the band’s official website.

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