Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant Introduces the Yakiniku Like Burger

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I like yakiniku. You should like yakiniku too. There is actually a chain of stores throughout Tokyo that have a name like that: Yakiniku Like. They are unlike any other yakiniku restaurant that I have ever been to because they take the Ichiranstyle concept where you have your own grill, your own booth, and are primarily geared towards eating by yourself. Today they made a ground-breaking announcement: they will be offering exclusively for takeout the One-Handed Yakiniku Bento Burger, or as they call it, the Yakiniku Like Burger.

Yakiniku Like Burger

The Yakiniku Like Burger is a meat monstrosity coming in a variety of sizes ranging from ‘small’ to ‘tower’. The concept is simple, two soy-sauce-infused rice patties with spare-rib yakiniku meat sandwiched between the two rice ‘buns’. There is also a nice leafy bed of lettuce with some special gochujang mayo and gochujang kimchi that is crowning the mountain of meat. With the four sizes, there is an option for everyone. If you’re a real meaty challenger, you can opt to walk the road of the tower, and when they say tower, it is really a tower of meat, a. tower. of. meat.

Currently, there is only one Yakiniku Like location that is offering the Yakiniku Like Burger, the Udagawacho location in Shibuya’s Center Gai. They are actually super fairly priced as well, ranging from ¥350 for the small all the way to ¥1,050 for the tower size. Yakiniku Like stated that they are trying to see how the Yakiniku Like Burger will perform at one location before they spread it out to their 49 stores across the country. Yakiniku Like never fails to impress, so I think this burger will be hitting all of their stores soon.

Yakiniku Like
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