Yakitate Japan!! Gets Sequel In LINE Manga App

Yakitate Japan!! Gets Sequel In LINE Manga App

With the iconic Shonen Jump cooking competition series Food Wars finally at a finish, well the manga at least, there’s a giant void in my heart when it comes to food-related manga. A joint gift from the culinary and manga gods together, it looks like an old favorite is stepping up to the plate once again. Last decade Yakitate Japan!!, a series much like Food Wars except it centered entirely on bread, built up a cult audience with its unique premise and over the top execution. Now, author Takashi Hashiguchi has announced on his Twitter he’d be making a sequel called Yakitate Japan!! Super Real exclusively on the Japanese Line Manga app.

Hashiguchi tweeted out the above picture with the announcement and clarified the series would star a new character. We don’t have any official release info or any names yet, nor do we have any idea if LINE or some other company would eventually release this one in English. Viz Media did put out the entire manga run and Discotek eventually licensed the anime, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll too. If you like Food Wars or even the likes of Iron Chef and Great British Bake-off, you might want to give the original Yakitate Japan!! a shot before the new one comes out.

For real, I dream of a world where food anime and manga of many genres are common-place. I think Food Wars went a long way in endearing Western fans to the idea of the concept, although I also think the series owes a lot in particular to Yakitate Japan!!. Neither was the first food battle manga, but fusing the shonen manga formula with food was something Yakitate did with grace originally 17 years ago! I’m happy to see this series come back, and I hope an English release will be made accessible.

Yakitate Japan!! Super Real will launch on the LINE Manga App later this year.

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