SEGA Releases ‘Yakuza Remastered Collection’ on PS4, ‘Yakuza 3’ Now Playable

SEGA Releases 'Yakuza Remastered Collection' on PS4, 'Yakuza 3' Now Playable

At any given time, this article about the Yakuza 3, 4, and remasters floats around our trending articles section. It was published February 12, which was well after the initial announcement of the Western remasters for those PS3-era Yakuza games. After months and months of radio silence, SEGA delighted English-speaking Yakuza fans everywhere with the surprise release of the collection on PSN earlier today. Well, maybe saying partial release would be more accurate. While you can purchase the entire Yakuza Remastered Collection now for a full $60, only Yakuza 3 is available for now. On October 29 Yakuza 4 will unlock followed by Yakuza 5 on February 11, 2020.

If you’ve already finished the latest game from Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, Judgement, and are already hankering for more, you may want to hop in now. I doubt the collection will have any price drop before the final game unlocks and let me tell you, $60 is well worth the price. Between the three games, there are hundreds of hours of content including everything that was cut from the original U.S. release of Yakuza 3. The Yakuza Remastered Collection will feature an updated localization for all the games as well as having them play at 60fps at a full 1080p. As someone who’s played Yakuza 3 on PlayStation 3, this remaster was extremely necessary.

Now, will I be buying the Yakuza Remastered Collection? Well, someday. Honestly, I just finished up playing Yakuza 5 on the PlayStation 3 last week and that is a 50 hour at the minimum game. I’m in no hurry to replay it and it’s been less than a year since I played the original releases of 3 and 4. That said, these games are all wonderful and those who’ve only played the PS4 Yakuza games should absolutely commit. Yakuza 3 features Kiryu being a dad, Yakuza 4 introduces a lot of great new characters to the series, and Yakuza 5 stands toe to toe with Yakuza 0. Its weird release schedule may seem off-putting at first, but having mainlined Yakuza 0-5 in a relatively short period of time, having breaks between games makes them better.

The Yakuza Remastered Collection is available on PSN now for $60, with Yakuza 3 playable from today.

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