Yamanote Line HUNGBAG Collection Released by HEMINGS

Yamanote Line HUNGBAG Collection

It turns out that it’s not just Square Enix that has an obsession with the Yamanote Line. The Japanese company HEMINGS must really have a fascination with Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, as they have made a number of collaboration products with the JR East train line in the past. Previous collaborations included tissue box covers and pocket tissue covers. I know that having a tissue at that moment you need one is absurdly important, but I think that their newest collaboration with the most traveled train line in the world is even better: their new Yamanote Line HUNGBAG Collection. You can find all line stations on these new items and there is something about the simplicity of the bags that I find appealing.

Yamanote Line HUNGBAG

Mid-summer last year, Tokyo decided they will charge plastic bag consumption to help curb environmental harm. Many places around the world have begun to do so, and I think it’s the right thing to do. Honestly, I have way too many extra plastic bags in my life to begin with; why do I need to have more? This is where HEMINGS’ new Yamanote Line HUNGBAG Collection comes in. The bags themselves have the station sign of your choosing when they’re folded up, and when unfolded, they turn into a simple white-colored eco-bag. Oh, I forgot to mention that all 30 Yamanote Line stops are included. Even the new Takanawa Gateway station that opened up last year.

Yamanote Line HUNGBAG 2

The Yamanote Line HUNGBAG Collection is currently available through the Concierge-Net webstore, and each bag will set you back ¥1,500. When I saw the price, I thought it was a little steep for a reusable bag, but then I started thinking about the novelty of it being part of the history of the Yamanote Line. The Concierge Net store does not ship internationally, so if you’re looking for one of these bags, you gotta reach out to someone in Japan.

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