Yasutaka Nakata Releases Latest ‘Pico Pico Tokyo’ Animated Music Video

Yasutaka Nakata Releases Latest 'Pico Pico Tokyo' Animated Music Video

It’s been an extremely busy past few months for Yasutaka Nakata. It was just a couple of short weeks ago that I first found myself writing about his upcoming single, “Pico Pico Tokyo (feat. Momo Mashiro)”, and now it’s finally here. Not just that — accompanying the release of Nakata’s latest is an all-new music video, animated by Los Angeles-based illustrator-turned-animator Somehoodlum. If you’re thinking the art looks familiar, that’s probably because you’ve definitely seen Somehoodlum’s art all over Twitter, or even on 21 Savage’s ISSA” where he handled the coverart. Uploaded to Yasutaka Nakata’s official YouTube channel, you can check out “Pico Pico Tokyo (feat. Momo Mashiro)” below:

There’s something so distinct about Yasutaka Nakata’s music. Glistening melodies perfectly meld together various pop sensibilities with Nakata’s signature electronic production value. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen both Yasutaka Nakata and Momo Mashiro work together, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Originally paired on “Digital Native” with “Jump In Tonight”, the two really have something going. Looking at the music video, so much of Somehoodlum’s illustrative charm so perfectly translate into animation. Similarly to Nakata, you can tell a Somehoodlum piece when you see it, and his work on “Pico Pico Tokyo” absolutely showcases it.

It was actually only a few days ago that I found myself writing about another Yasutaka Nakata-produced track, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s latest Kimi ga Iine Kuretara. In that piece, I gave particular praise to the music video’s significant attention to detail when it came to international accessibility. This is something we’re seeing repeated on Yasutaka Nakata’s latest, and definitely something I’m stoked about. Uploaded in hi-resolution, subtitled in several different languages, and made available in its entirety — not a “short ver” to be seen in sight. It’s been a while since we last saw a music video from Yasutaka Nakata; about a year to be exact. Following the release of his debut solo album “Digital Native” in 2018, Nakata would continue to dominate Japan’s electronic music scene and even made his way to North America for his first international performance.

Available on all major platforms for streaming now, those interested in checking out more on Yasutaka Nakata’s latest “Pico Pico Tokyo (feat. Momo Mashiro)”, be sure to check out his official website.


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