New Yokai Watch 4 Trailer Showcases Battle Systems and More

New Yokai Watch 4 Trailer Showcases Battle Systems and More

World Hobby Fair is one of the biggest game and hobby events in Japan and is held twice a year in both the Summer and the Winter, where many toy and gaming manufacturers will showcase upcoming products. Often, due to the target demographic of the series, news related to games and toys for the massively popular Yokai Watch franchise has been shown off at the event.

For World Hobby Fair Winter 2019, Level-5 showed up and showcased a brand new trailer for the highly-anticipated Yokai Watch 4 for Nintendo Switch showcasing the mechanics of the game and more.

This trailer gives us a new look at the game’s newly-designed battle system as well as a look at exploration within the original game’s setting of Springdale. While we did receive new footage around TGS 2018 that detailed the new battle system for this game, this footage showcased new bosses and a variety of scenarios that could play out while you play.

Although the original game’s utilized a battle system that mixed a traditional action RPG battle system with touch screen controls that made use of the 3DS’ dual-screen set-up, the lack of that functionality on this device requires a new system to be in place. This system works remarkably similar to the battles of Ni No Kuni on PS3, based on the footage shown, albeit with a more active role being taken by your human characters who can get involved and support your Yokai, instead of simply assuming control of the spirits as you saw in that game.

While this game will see the return of original series protagonist Nate Adams (Keita Amano in the Japanese version) and his hometown of Springdale, the game will also see the protagonist from the newest series of the TV anime and Nate’s daughter, Natsume, alongside the protagonist from the Yokai Watch: Forever Friends movie, Shin, play active roles within the game.

The game was originally scheduled for release before the end of last year but was previously delayed to Spring 2019. No Western release date has currently been announced, however, it would seem probable that the game will see an English release following the release of each of the previous mainline entries on 3DS. Personally, with the game looking good in its current state, I’m rather excited to see what the final product looks like.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this trailer’s new arrangement for the stupidly catchy ‘Gera Gera Po’ theme song is stuck in my head and I need to find a way to get rid of it.

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