Experience Japan’s Best Thrill Rides From the Comfort of Your Home

Yomiuriland Stay Home

The worldwide call to stay home in an effort to flatten the curve on COVID-19 infections means that a lot of the things people look forward to each year are now out of reach. Theme parks worldwide have been shut down for the foreseeable future as a result of the pandemic, and with the weather getting warmer they’re definitely one of the most active forms of entertainment each summer. Although the parks themselves are shut down, thanks to modern technology you can still get a taste of the excitement.

Japan’s Yomiuriland has started a website where they’re sharing first-person-view videos of some of Japan’s most popular amusement park rides as part of a campaign to promote staying home. The attractions presented are from a variety of different parks around the country, including Yokohama’s Sea Paradise, Tokyo Summer Land, and Tokyo Dome City.

The rides represented include a wide range of attractions for all types of people, from rollercoasters like Nasu Highland Park’s F2 to more family-friendly fare like the carousel at Toshima Bay.

Not all of the attractions translate well to the video experience, Tokyo Dome City’s Back Daan! indoor coaster is completely dark for the first half of the ride, so it loses most of its impact. Of course, nothing compares to the actual feeling of a real coaster anyway, but this is a nice consolation. With Japan’s state of emergency extended to the end of May as of earlier this week, and the uncertain nature of everything surrounding COVID-19 we don’t know when amusement parks will be open for us all to enjoy again but it’s really awesome to see some of them making an effort to bring the fun to us in the meantime.

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