yonkey Releases Debut Single “Downer Love (feat. AAAMYYY)”

yonkey Releases Debut Single


When it comes to Japan’s emerging underground music scene, it’s not often that someone comes straight out of the gates with something you could genuinely run on repeat. There’s often a growth period before they really hit it out of the park; apparently, however, this rule doesn’t apply for Tokyo-based producer yonkey. Dropping his debut single “Downer Love (feat. AAAMYYY)” earlier today, yonkey presents a unique sound that’s left me in awe. Check out the official music video below:

Combining traditional songwriting with a bass-heavy electronic sound, with just a touch of hip-hop edge, “Downer Love (feat. AAAMYYY)” hits hard from start to finish. Handling vocals on the cut is AAAMYYY of three-piece lo-fi psychedelic pop band tempalay, perhaps feeling quite at home with yonkey’s slightly off-norm production stylings. All in all, however, the single comes together as an unbelievably complete package and leaves me very excited for what’s to come.

For someone to hit the scene with both a killer debut single and a music video as gorgeous as this is rare. So with that being said, I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on where yonkey proceeds from here.

Available now via LINE RECORDS, and streaming on all major services, those interested in checking out more from yonkey should absolutely check out the official webpage for “Downer Love (feat. AAAMYYY)”, here.

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