Yoshika’s Maturity Shines on Her Latest Album ‘In Such Darkness’

Yoshika Releases The Mature 'In Such Darkness'

Yoshika’s a seasoned music artist who’s been putting her spin on RNB music since her debut release ‘Jolie’ in 2003. While she’s arguably best known for her collaborative efforts with Japanese hip-hop veterans m-flo, featuring on a number of songs one of my favorite m-flo albums Beat Space Nine’ like ‘Loop In My Heart’ and ‘let go’, her solo efforts shouldn’t be ignored. Having lived previously in both Canada and California, Yoshika’s command of English is excellent and she puts that talent to use in her singing that results in a variety of bilingual sonic experiences. Today, she’s released her latest collection of music, ‘In Such Darkness’.

Yoshika Releases The Mature 'In Such Darkness'

While Yoshika’s newest album hasn’t made its way to international Spotify yet, users who subscribe to apple music can check out this delicate and passionate release now. With only seven songs, at first glance, you might think the release is a little to short to call a proper album, but that’s just semantics. These songs are really tight. Produced and composed entirely by Yoshika herself, ‘In Such Darkness’ is a completely personal vision that’s seemingly uncompromised. It’s not needlessly incorporating modern trends just because they’re in vogue nor is it trying to appeal to any singular audience. It’s honest and you’re either in or you’re out.

With that being the case, I’m happy to report that I’m entirely in. I’ve heard some of Yoshika’s solo efforts over the years and always enjoyed them. She’s not the most high profile musician m-flo had collaborated with in the m-flo loves era, but she’s one of the most talented. A true artist with vision who in these later years of her career has kept on doing what she’s wanted to. ‘In Such Darkness’ might not be pushing musical boundaries but it presents a collection of tracks that are as confident as they are delicate, as soft as they are assertive.

Yoshika’s ‘In Such Darkness’ is out on Apple Music and iTunes now.

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