Yoshino Yoshikawa Announces New Album, “ULTRAPOP”

Yoshino Yoshikawa Announces New Album, “ULTRAPOP”

Tokyo-based producer Yoshino Yoshikawa has announced that he will be releasing an all-new album called “ULTRAPOP” next month on August 21, 2019. This physical release will mark Yoshino Yoshikawa’s very first CD album release, a landmark for the cute-pop musician. “ULTRAPOP” will release on fellow producer DÉ DÉ MOUSE’s music label, “not records“.

“ULTRAPOP” consists of an impressive 14 tracks, all perfectly arranged and produced by Yoshino Yoshikawa himself. There are also collaboration tracks featuring Azuma Hitomi, LLLL, Noto, ONJUICY, and Yunovation. We’ve actually seen Yoshino Yoshikawa work with ONJUICY and his clever rap vocals before for a really interesting and catchy couple of tunes for his RPG EP, released last year in 2018. “ULTRAPOP” will sell for 2,000 yen, and will be the apparent 24th release on DÉ DÉ MOUSE’s label “not records”. Other artists to release on “not records” includes YMCK and Phoenix and the Flower GIrl. Along with the promotional video directed by DV-i, Yoshino Yoshikawa also released the track listing for the album.

01. Popcorn Stand
02. Spiral Tone
03. Yokaze (with 野兎)
04. Night RIde (with LLLL)
05. Entertainer
06. Cycling
07. Taking Shelter (with ゆnovation)
08. Don’t Leave Me (with 野兎)
09. Rain
10. Strange Dream
11. Toro Nagashi
12. Get Me Out (with AZUMA HITOMI)
13. RPG (with ONJUICY)
14. Yumetatsu Glider

Yoshino Yoshikawa’s style is pretty unique and can be described as cute and vibrant, with the use of a lot of sparkly bell instruments and toy-like sounds. He also uses a lot of 808 type drums and groovy rhythms that differ from your regular 4 on the floor, adding a defined attitude to his works. His tracks take you to a whole other world of what I visualize as inhabited by clay figures and full of nature, similar to the visuals I saw during his live show a couple of years ago for a Zoom Lens label show in Tokyo. Yoshino Yoshikawa is a resident artist of LA-based label Zoom Lens, along with LLLL, who he collaborated with on his upcoming album.

You can check out Yoshino Yoshikawa’s current works on his SoundCloud, and keep up with album updates on his Twitter.

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