Yotsuba&! Receives Official Collaboration Cafe

It’s been a busy year for Kiyohiko Azuma’s massively-successful Yotsuba&! manga series, with the long-awaited fourteenth volume seeing a nationwide release, alongside today’s launch of the all-new Yotsuba&! Cafe in collaboration with Capcom Cafe. Taking place at Capcom Cafe’s location in AEON Lake Town Kaze over in Saitama, the cafe is running from today until September 20 and will feature a number of different themed foods and goods throughout the duration of its operation.

It’s your usual assortment of anime/manga cafe tie-in dishes, only this time it’s with a cute-beyond-belief Yotsuba&! twist, and that’s totally okay with me. I’m more than down to try out the Yotsuba green curry, and that broccoli is most definitely the perfect adornment. The Danboro sandwiches are a nice touch too, though I don’t want to imagine what it’ll all cost you. It’s not exactly in the most central location, and you’ll probably need to make it a small trip out to visit the cafe, but with all these tantalizing photos it might definitely be worth it.

Those interested in checking out even more on the upcoming Yotsuba&! collaboration cafe, be sure to check out Capcom Cafe’s official website.

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