SEGA Announces Mini UFO Catcher in Conjunction with YOUCHIEN Magazine

Youchien Sega UFO Catcher

Normally, I wouldn’t write anything about content like this, but this is way too cool! If you have purchased any magazines or manga from Japan in the past, you likely know that there often are additional insert items that come packaged with the publication. It’s like a little ‘thank you’ for purchasing the magazine or the manga. Some of the additional items can get pretty amazing, even along the lines of clothing or even pillows. SEGA announced earlier today that they are going to be partnering with YOUCHIEN magazine to offer a motorized version of their UFO Catcher as a special insert for the February/March issue of the magazine.

Magazine Cover featuring Sega UFO Catcher

YOUCHIEN magazine is focused on pre-school to kindergarten kids and their parents, with a bunch of parenting tips and activities that the kids can do. I don’t think I can say that I have ever seen an insert like this in this series of magazines. It’s honestly quite amazing. The insert of the UFO Catcher is made out of a thick cardboard-like paper, and even comes with prizes that you can put inside the UFO Catcher. But the real kicker here is that the arm used to grab the prizes is a plastic motorized piece that uses the motor for the catch functionality. Left and right is still up to you or the kids to move.

The February/March issue of YOUCHIEN magazine goes on sale 26 December 2020, and will include the UFO Catcher toy. Now the trick is to find a store that I can get my hands on it before all the UFO Catcher aficionados scoop them all up to make their own miniature game center!

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