There’s A Lot Going On In You’ll Melt More!’s Latest ‘Fusae’ Music Video

There's A Lot Going On In You'll Melt More!'s 'Fusae'

You’ll Melt More! has been one of the odder creations in the indie idol universe since their inception in 2012. They’ve traditionally incorporated a lot of 80s alt-rock and new wave songs in their particular brand of idol-chaos. Those influences are worn on their sleeves too, with several album covers being direct homages to influential albums like Primal Scream’s ‘Screamadelica’. The song “Fusae’ comes off their latest release, ‘SHAKER PEACEMAKER’, which continues the trend of paying tribute to older artists; In the case, the iconic ska group The Specials. All that said, this track doesn’t delve much into New Wave nor does have ska elements. That doesn’t mean it’s not eclectic and eccentric in different ways.

‘Fusae’ starts off with a quick cut of ‘Rajio Taiso’, the long-time traditional Japanese morning exercise routine, before quickly shifting into an old school techno beat. You’ll Melt More! transitions yet again, this time into some traditional Japanese folk before settling into a more traditional idol J-Pop style chorus. The video is part of the charm this time around, with a random middle-aged white woman joining in all the idol festivities. Is this the glorification of a gaijin being used just for show? Yes. Is it entertaining enough to overlook that? Absolutely.

There are all sorts of idol bands both big and small and not all of them bring something special to the table. I’ve never been one take care of idol culture but when the music’s good, I’m willing to pay attention. You’ll Melt More! has more often than not satisfied my musical curiosity. Even if their newer stuff is dropping that New Wave edge that helped them stand out in the sea of indie and anti idols, this track proves they’re still bringing something weird and spectacle to the table.

You’ll Melt More!’s ‘SHAKER PEACEMAKER’ is available now.

You'll Melt More!
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