You Can Now Buy Yu-Gi-Oh Magical Hats Cushions, But Which One Hides Your Precious Dark Magician?

You Can Now Buy Yu-Gi-Oh Magical Hats Cushions, But Which One Hides Your Precious Dark Magician?

The magical hats became a convenient tool of salvation for Yugi within the original TV series and have remained one of the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the series over 20 years later. It got him out of more than a few tight scrapes and added a lot of tension to each battle, even if it worked a little too conveniently compared to how it worked in reality. If you ever wanted to recreate scenes featuring these Magical Hats from Yu-Gi-Oh yourself, or just fancied a cool hat/cushion, then you’ll be glad to know that Bandai has turned your dreams into reality.

Being sold for a limited time on the Premium Bandai website, people can purchase a cushioned replica of the magical hats as they appeared in the original anime. although they’re advertised as a cushion, photos do show it can also be worn as a hat. The giant yellow question mark and red and white checkered border to the hat have been recreated exactly with this design, making it perfect for dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh fans or anyone pining with a little nostalgia.

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Be warned, these hats are a hefty proposition. They stand tall at 27cm, with the diameter of the top of the hat measuring at 35cm and the diameter of the rim of the top hat measuring at 45cm. No weight is given, but I can imagine a cushioned hat of that size and dimension will be noticeably weighty.

Although these hats are being sold individually at a cost of 6050yen each plus shipping, Bandai is running a campaign designed for those who want to replicate those iconic scenes from the anime. If you purchase 4 or more hats in a single order, shipping for these items will be free.

While it may not be cheap, it can’t be denied that these Magical Hats cushions not only look exactly as they appeared in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime but would be rather cool collectible items in any fan’s home. Pre-orders are open now until September 13th on the Premium Bandai website.

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