M-Project Puts A Hardcore Spin ON YUC’e’s ‘Future Candy’

M-Project Puts A Hardcore Spin ON YUC'e's 'Future Candy'

It’s no secret that we’re pretty big fans of YUC’e around here. We’re still grateful we had the opportunity to have her perform at OTAQUEST Live 2018 in Los Angeles, and try to cover her upbeat and vibrant work when we can. It’s also no big mystery that we love ourselves some hardcore around these parts too, and M-Project is a legend of the genre. It was definitely some good news waking up to a new remix that marries two of Japan’s notable electronic musicians that normally operate in similar but different lanes. Here’s M-Project’s take on YUC’e’s classic ‘Future Candy’.

‘Future Candy’ is a bit of a surprising choice for M-Project to remix, not that we’re complaining. It’s not like the original track is new, having originally come out in 2016, nor is this part of some big remix project or compilation CD. From what we can tell, M-Project just really wanted to add his hardcore spin onto the song. Again, we’re not complaining. The resulting remix is a colorful high-speed shot of sugar and speed directly to your aural pleasure senses. It’s not the type of remix that completely changes the original either but it does swap out the bass focused drops and passages of the original for a happy hardcore twist.

If you’re not familiar with YUC’e, you should really fix that. While it’s been a minute since she’s had a huge release herself, delving into her wealth of material is guaranteed to make your day better. ‘Future Candy’ is emblematic of her best qualities; making extremely colorful sounds and knowing went to drop them for a bass meltdown. M-Project has been a pillar in the Japanese Hardcore scene for just about 20 years now, and he hasn’t lost. So many artists you listen to were either directly or indirectly influenced by his pioneering sound. If you want to know more, his ‘Hardcore Illusionist’ series is a good place to start.

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