Yuki Comes Out With Darkly Ornate MV for ‘My Lovely Ghost’

‘My Lovely Ghost’ by Yuki

Yuki has come a long way since she began her music career over thirty years ago. Long gone are her Judy & Mary days where she fashioned herself as a noisy punk whose brand represented a blend of sweetness and mischief. These past few years have seen her flirt with the cheerier side of the J-pop scene, going back and forth between soaring power ballads and relaxing pop rock to bouncy techno.

However, with her latest music video, the yin-yang dynamic that first brought her attention has seemingly crept back.

The music video for ‘My Lovely Ghost,’ the opening track from the upcoming album Terminal, starts off cheery and upbeat enough. With Yuki singing her way through lavishly decorated sets and symmetrical camera shots, this five-minute video initially seems like something you’d expect from a Wes Anderson movie.

It doesn’t take long for the video’s ghostly side to make its presence known: shots of withering flowers and creepy old paintings start to dot the music video’s scenery, and before we know it Yuki forces herself to drink tea poured by a possessed curtain sheet surrounded by floating carpets.

Granted, this is campier than it is horrific, which is only to be expected from an artist who had impish teddy bears play violins as her opening act.

‘My Lovely Ghost’ by Yuki

Terminal will be released on 28 April, and according to Oricon, is said to be musically representative of both sides of Yuki’s musical personality. The first half of the album will consist of techno-tinged J-pop music that shows off Yuki’s more radical dance side. The latter half will be more focused on pop with live instrumentation, with tracks like ‘Sunday Service’ delivering holy gospel vibes with organs and piano.

You also have the track ‘There’s No Woman Who Doesn’t Cry,’ which features music from up-and-coming jazz musicians and lyrics inspired by reggae legend Bob Marley.

For J-pop music fans looking for an album with two different sets of personality to it, Terminal could provide the fix you seek.

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