Yumemi Nemu Shares Tracklist & Producers for Upcoming Solo Album

While the somewhat unfortunate reality of Yumemi Nemu’s retirement from the entertainment industry looms over our heads, the long-time Dempagumi.inc member still has a lot going for herself before her official departure on January 7, 2019. Perhaps most importantly of all the things happening before then, Yumemi Nemu’s upcoming debut solo album “Yumemi Jidai” which releases on November 21, 2018, has a few of us around the office pretty excited — especially after today’s revelations.

Announced today via Yumemi Nemu’s various SNS accounts, we not only now have the full tracklisting for both the standard and limited edition variants of the album, but also the incredible talents producing the songs. First of all, we’re seeing a lot of already existing tracks from Nemu including the incredible “Cosmic Melon Soda Magic Love“, a personal favorite and something near impossible to purchase on physical media without forking out a few hundred dollars. Only adding to the excitement, we’re seeing artists such as tofubeats and MOSAIC.WAV producing new sounds to highlight Nemu’s talents.

01. 魔法少女未満 [作詞:夢眠ねむ・CHEEBOW / 作曲・編曲:CHEEBOW] 02. ユメミる惑星 [作詞:米山玩具 / 作曲・編曲:小池雅也] 03. コズミックメロンソーダマジックラブ [作詞:夢眠ねむ・PandaBoY / 作曲・編曲:PandaBoY] 04. あのね…実はわたし、夢眠ねむなんだ…▽ [作詞・作曲・編曲:清竜人] 05. あるいは夢眠ねむという概念へのサクシード [作詞・作曲・編曲:MOSAIC.WAV] 06. ナイフ [作詞・作曲・編曲:渡辺健二] 07. あたしの最後のラブソング [作詞・作曲:坂口喜咲 / 編曲:大久保友裕] 08. おやすみ世界きゅん。 [作詞・作曲・編曲:tofubeats] 09. 蛍の光(PandaBoY REMIX feat.夢眠ねむ)2018 [作詞・作曲・編曲:PandaBoY] 10. 魔法少女未満2018 [作詞:夢眠ねむ・CHEEBOW / 作曲・編曲:CHEEBOW]

Set to release nationwide in Japan on November 21, I can’t wait to get my hands on what might just be Yumemi Nemu’s final piece of solo media. With the final Dempagumi.inc album featuring Nemu, WareWare wa Dempagumi.inc da”, set to release on January 1, 2019, I’ll certainly be cherishing everything I can get my hands on, while I still can. While she’s still in the public eye, you can keep up to date with all things Yumemi Nemu via her official Twitter account, here.

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